New elected EUREOS Steering Committee 2017-2019

Written by eureos | Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Dear EUREOS member,

As the new EUREOS president I am delighted to provide you with an news update of our society. We are happy to welcome over 30 new members since our general assembly at UEGW2017 in October, a larger and more active network will improve our influence and capabilities and will make it more feasible to accomplish our objectives. Furthermore, we are welcoming several corporate members as well. Collaboration with individuals working in the pharmaceutical and food industry will give us the opportunity to explain the specific needs of our EoE patients and we will be able to help with designing trials and so together we will move the field forward.
I furthermore would like to draw your attention to several issues that may be of interest to you.

EUREOS Steering Committee
I am very happy to announce that Dr Luc Biedermann has joined the EUREOS Steering Committee in the function of Secretary. Dr Alfredo Lucendo has been elected President-elect during the General Assembly during UEGW and Prof. Stephan Miehlke will continue his work as Treasurer. The composition of the Steering Committee can be found on the contact page of this website.

EoE Registry
The EUREOS have created an advanced EoE registry. EoE patients from all Europe can be entered and once a large database is created, this will allow fantastic studies providing us with more information about EoE epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment throughout Europe. We agreed that contributors that have added more than 30 patients in the database can do a brief request and can start a study using the data in the database. All contributors of over 30 patients will be acknowledged in the scientific output created by using the database. Please contact Dr Alfredo J Lucendo if you like to receive more information regarding participation.

Participation in clinical trials
We are approached by several companies they are preparing their next trials. If you are interested in participation as a study center and you have the facilities please contact us and we will forward your information to the sponsors.

News about our society can be found on this website. If you are organizing a local EoE educational event and would like to attract more publicity please contact our webmaster Jesús Gonsález-Cervera so he can put publicity online. You can also add summaries of your research, open job positions and other news online. This will be shared with your EUREOS colleagues and/or with the general public.

If there are any matters that you would like me to include in the next EUREOS newsletter, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Arjan Bredenoord
Gastroenterologist AMC Amsterdam
President EUREOS 2017-2019