Invitation to the EUREOS General Assembly 2018 and EoE Clinical Trial Symposium

Written by Alfredo J Lucendo | Sunday, July 22nd, 2018


As president of EUREOS I’m delighted to invite you to the General Assembly 2018, taking place on October 21st, in Vienna. We have decided to host our annual meeting this year in a hotel in central Vienna.

The General Assembly will not only give you the opportunity to hear about EUREOS achievements during the last year, it will also serve as ideal communication platform to discuss current and future projects, further improving understanding in EoE and best patient care.

We would also like to invite you to the EUREOS EoE Clinical Trial Symposium, which will follow immediately after the General Assembly.

We conclude with a reception and informal dinner open to all our members and corporate members, which will allow us to further discuss these topics in a friendly atmosphere.

We are looking forward to an interesting and lively exchange with you in Vienna!

Kind regards,

Arjan Bredenoord

Gastroenterologist AMC Amsterdam

President EUREOS 2017-2019



16:30 – 17:30 EUREOS General Assembly 2018

17:30 – 18:30 EoE Clinical trial symposium

Chair: Arjan Bredenoord

                         Ethical considerations for EoE trials

                          Arjan Bredenoord, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

                         Inclusion criteria: PPI-REoE, plain EoE or refractory EoE?

                          Alfredo Lucendo, Tomelloso, Spain

                         Discussion of endpoints in EoE trials

                         Evan Dellon, Chapel Hill, USA

18:30 Informal dinner reception


DATE October 21st, 2018

VENUE Grand Ferdinand Schubertring 10-12 1010 Viennna