EUREOS General Assembly at UEGW 2017 29.10.2017

Written by Alfredo J Lucendo | Friday, September 29th, 2017

UEGW 2017 is just around the corner and so is EUREOS General Assembly 2017. Every member and all researchers interested in EoE are cordially invited to the fifth General Assembly that will take place on Sunday, 29th of October in room 7.8 (Fira Barcelona) between 12:00 – 14:00.

Agenda for the upcoming EUREOS General Assembly:

  1. Opening, approval of minutes General Assembly 2016 (Alain Schoepfer)
  2. Presidential report (Alain Schoepfer)
  3. Installation of new president, resignation of President-past (Arjan Bredenoord)
  4.  Election of president-elect (Arjan Bredenoord)
  5. Financial report (Stephan Miehlke)
  6. EoE Connect registry (Alfredo J Lucendo)
  7. PPI-REE task force (Javier Molina Infante)
  8. Website developments (Jesus Gonzáles)
  9. Member issues: criteria new members, member fee (Arjan Bredenoord)
  10. Representation within UEG (Sabine Roman)
  11. EoE Interest Group EAACI and report from summer school (Alex Straumann)
  12. Patient involvement and patient advocacy groups (Alain Schoepfer).
  13. AOB
  14. Next meeting