EUREOS and AEDESEO agree to collaborate to reach all patients with EoE

Written by Alfredo J Lucendo | Sunday, June 10th, 2018

A collaboration agreement has been recently signed between EUREOS, the European Society of Eosinophilic Esophagitis, and AEDESEO, the Spanish Asociation of Patients with EoE, to promote knowledge about this disease among patients affected, their families and caregivers throughout Europe. The agreement also pursues the development and sharing of educational resources and exchanging contents from their respective webpages, in benefit of the EoE community.

Both societies have agreed to commit resources to this collaboration. Each participating society will contribute with the time and effort required to ensure the fullfilment of specific commitments included in the agreement signed on May 2018 by the EUREOS president, Albert J Bredenoord, and Ms. Miriam Espinosa, President of AEDESEO. A leadership committee has been stablished as an effective structure for operational management of collaborative activities.

EoE is a still new disease, described for the first time over 2 decades ago. There is still a high level of ignorance about this disease among many health professionals, and patients who suffer from it or their families often do not find resources to cope with this disease. This agreement arose to respond to this need for reliable and quality information, developed by a group of experts to respond to the needs expressed by patients. EUREOS is the only international scientific society that has EoE as its research topic. For its part, AEDESEO, founded half decade ago, was the first association in  uniting patients with EoE and their families in the search for effective solutions for the disease. This agreement represents a great opportunity for collaboration and will have a great impact in providing resources to patients and helping to improve their quality of life.

The agreement will be open to incorporate further organization or governmental bodies to the collaboration, to include all kind of organization sharing the spirit of this collaboration.